PowerSpec Web is now available and includes 2021 Engine information!

Cummins PowerSpec Web is an accessible website resource for complete powertrain spec’ing for Cummins engines in the on-highway market. PowerSpec Web along with the original PowerSpec PC-based software allows the tailoring of Cummins engines in every on-highway engine application.

PowerSpec Web supports all North American On-Highway Cummins products including Diesel and Natural Gas and is expanding globally.

The new site can be accessed at https://www.powerspecweb.cummins.com

(Note that first-time users will be required to create an account by clicking on the "Sign In" button at the top-right corner of the screen)

Features include a gearing calculator, complete descriptions of electronic features with video content, instructions on how to optimize parameter settings, additional resources that help with the spec’ing process and access to trip information and fault code data. It also supports fault codes and trip information on all On-Highway Products.

PowerSpec Web Updates:

February 19th, 2021

  • Feature description page updates - Engine Brake, Dynamic Power, Load Based Torque Control/ST2
  • Gearing Spec creator
    • Startability minimums updated to be consistent across operational objectives
    • Startability calculation warning implemented in spec comparison when automatic transmission is selected
    • Gradeability calculations corrected for 1650 lb-ft torque rating when X15 Efficiency 2021 selected

November 17th, 2020

  • Addition of EPA 2021 engines
  • New Tools
    • Gear Down Protection Calculator - Determine heavy and light load settings for the GDP feature
    • Idle Shutdown Calculator - Graphically review how ambient temperature settings control the Idle Shutdown feature
    • Vehicle Speed Calculators - Whether the operator is using cruise control or the accelerator pedal, enter the desired vehicle speed parameters to review the vehicle speed range
  • Help Section - Submit a question and receive a response within 24 hours

PowerSpec Web functionality will be updated monthly to help streamline the spec'ing process with Cummins products.

PowerSpec PC

The PowerSpec PC version is software that can be downloaded, at no charge, to any PC running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. PowerSpec PC enables a user to communicate with their Cummins engine to configure electronic features and read engine data.  Cummins recommends using an INLINE 7 adapter cable (part number 5299899) for communication.  INLINE 7 adapter cables are available for order through your local Cummins or Dealer location. PowerSpec works with most RP1210 compliant adapters and additional supported adapters are listed below. 

PowerSpec PC supports Feature Spec, a function allowing a user to configure the electronic features for a Cummins engine and transfer the settings to the Electronic Control Module via a RP1210 compliant adapter.

From PowerSpec PC v9.0, the gearing spec function will no longer allow creation or editing of specs.  Please use the gearing spec function in PowerSpec Web to create and edit specs.  Existing gearing specs in the PC tool will become read-only.  Existing specs will need recreated in PowerSpec Web.  RoadRelay and QuickCheck will no longer be supported as well.

PowerSpec PC Website Link:  https://www.cummins.com/parts-and-service/digital-products-and-services/powerspec

Additional supported adapters include:

  • INLINE 5
  • INLINE 6
  • Noregon DLA+
  • Noregon DLA+ PLC
  • Noregon Wireless
  • NEXIQ Technologies USB-Link
  • NEXIQ Technologies USB-Link 2
  • Dearbon DPA 4
  • Dearbon DPA 5
  • Grandview Engineering Products

Please note:
Licensing: PowerSpec PC does not require a license to connect to a vehicle, read data, or use the gearing calculator. A license is only required to write changes to the adjustable features.
It offers users:
• The ability for authorized users to spec their own feature and parameter settings
• Gearing recommendations for specific engines and applications
• The ability to read and reset trip information
• The ability to read and reset any fault codes that have been logged.


For further details, please contact your local distributor.