ISX12N Major Components

Extended Coverage:  Cummins Natural Gas ISX12N Major Components 

Available on the Cummins Natural Gas ISX12N engines in the United States and Canada.

Major components coverage (CWG):

  • Engine cylinder block casting
  • Covers Internal components and major engine systems;
  • Engine cylinder block casting 
  • Engine cylinder head castings and capscrews 
  • Engine crankshaft forging 
  • Engine camshaft forging
  • Engine connecting rods 
  • Flywheel housing 
  • Intake manifold castings
  • Valve covers
  • Oil cooler cover/filter heads  
  • Oil pan 
  • Gear cover and housing  
  • Gear train gears:
    • Crankshaft gear 
    • Camshaft gear 
    • Accessory drive gear 

Major Components - ISX12N

Program ID: CWG
MATRIX: 173995

Coverage purchase must be documented on a Cummins Extended Coverage Certificate.  The certificate must be signed and dated by the customer.

For complete coverage details see legal description (Bulletin CWG – 3381346

Questions on Coverage Pricing/Content or Certificate Registration contact: Regional Factory Truck Representative or a Local Cummins Distributor

Questions on Filing Claims contact: Cummins Worldwide Claims Management