Extended Coverage: Aftertreatment Coverage 

Available on PX7, PX9, X12 and X15 2021 engines in the United States and Canada.

Only EPA 2021 engines are eligible to purchase 2021 Extended Coverage programs. 

Aftertreatment Coverage includes:

  • Registered parts and labor
  • Components not supplied by Cummins are not covered under this Plan.
  • Covers all these components including mounting hardware and gaskets:
  • Complete Aftertreatment System (DPF and SCR System)
    • Aftertreatment Differential Pressure Sensor Body and Mounting Hardware
    • Aftertreatment Fuel Pressure Sensor O-Ring
    • Aftertreatment Fuel Pressure Sensor Body
    • Aftertreatment Temperature Sensor Connector
    • Aftertreatment/Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Body
    • Aftertreatement Wiring Pigtail
    • SCR/DPF Temperature Sensor Interface Module Mounting Hardware
    • SCR/DPF Temperature Sensor Module
    • Aftertreatment Injector and Fuel Lines
    • Aftertreatment Injecotr (Heavy Duty Only)
    • Aftertreatment Fuel Supply Line & Return Line
    • Catalytic Convertor Particulate Filter
    • Aftertreatment Differential Pressure Sensor Bracket
    • Decomposition Tube
    • Aftertreatment Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dosing Unit & Valve
    • Aftertreatment Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) Catalyst
    • NH3/NOx Sensor Module
    • NH3/NOx Sensor Probe
    • Aftertreatment Soot Sensor

Protection Plan 1/Protection Plan Plus of greater or equal duration must be purchased to be eligible for aftertreatment coverage.

Aftertreatment Coverage & Pricing – 2021 Products

X12 2021 Products 

X15 Efficiency and Productivity Series 2021 Products 

Productivity Series - 430V, 450V, 470V, 500V

X15 Performance and Productivity Series 2021 Products 

Productivity Series - 565V, 605V

PX7 2021 Products

PX9 - 2021 Products 


Coverage purchased must be documented on a Cummins Extended Coverage Certificate.  The certificate must be signed and dated by the customer.  For complete coverage details see legal description (Bulletin 3381454)

Questions on coverage content or certificate registration contact: Local Factory Representative or Cummins Distributor