Warranties - Medium Duty


Every Coverage. North American Truck Coverages For 2017 L9, B6.7 And V5.0 Engines Brochure  5410669
Every Coverage. North American Truck Coverages For 2017 L9, B6.7 And V5.0 Engines Brochure - French  5544015
Cummins 2013 Medium-Duty Coverage Brochure4971397
Cummins 2013 Medium-Duty Coverage Brochure - French  4971414
Encore Xtra Trifold Brochure2878926
Encore Xtra Trifold Brochure - French5410602

Parts Warranty

All Engines Less Than 10L Worldwide New Engine Parts Warranty                         Worldwide         3381292

North America Legal Bulletins

B/B6.7/B Gas Plus/BLPG Plus/ISB/ISB6.7 G/B6.7N EnginesUnited States & Canada3381264
B5.9G/B5.9LPG/C8.3G Alternative Fueled Engines  United States & Canada3381326
B/B6.7/ISB Engines For EPA 2017 And NewerUnited States & Canada5410624

Cummins Repower Crate Engines

United States & Canada5410857

ISC/ISL/L9/ISL G/L9N/ISL G Near Zero/C Gas Plus/L Gas Plus 

United States & Canada3381342

ISV/V5.0 Engines - Automotive Warranty

United States & Canada          3381468

International Legal Bulletins

B/ISB/ISB5.9 G/B4.5/B6.7/ISD/B5.9 G/B Gas Plus/B Gas International Engines - Automotive WarrantyInternational3381265
C8.3/C Gas Plus/ISC/ISL/L Gas Plus Engines - Automotive WarrantyInternational3381300
ISB/B4.5/B6.7/ISB5.9 G Series - Automotive WarrantyAustralia, New Zealand, And The Caribbean3381348
ISC/ISL/ISL G/C Gas Plus Series - Automotive WarrantyAustralia & New Zealand3381349
ISL/ISC Engines - Automotive WarrantyThe Caribbean3381476
ISB Engines - AutomotiveCommonwealth Of Independent States (CIS)3381458
ISL Engines - AutomotiveCommonwealth Of Independent States (CIS)3381473
B3.9/B4.5/B5.9/B6.7/B Gas Plus/B5.9 G/BLPG Plus/B Gas International/ISB/ISB5.9 G/ISB6.7/ISD Engines - Automotive WarrantyEurope3381444
C8.3/C Gas Plus/ISC/ISL/ISL G Engines - Automotive WarrantyEurope3381447
B/ISB/B4.5/B6.7/B Gas Plus/ISB5.9 G/ISD Engines - Automotive WarrantyKorea3381362
C8.3 Series Engines - Automotive WarrantyKorea3381363
ISC/ISL/L9 Series Engines - Automotive WarrantyKorea3381361
B3.9/B5.9/B Gas Plus/B5.9 G/BLPG Plus/B Gas International/ISB/ISB5.9 G/ISD/C8.3/C Gas Plus/ISC/ISL/ISL G Series Engines - Automotive WarrantyLatin America3381335