Medium Duty


North American Truck Coverages For 2017 L9 And B6.7 Engines Brochure5410669
North American Truck Coverages For 2017 L9 And B6.7 Engines Brochure - French5544015
Encore Xtra Extended Coverage for EPA 2013 ISX12 and ISX15 Engines and Aftertreatment, and EPA 2013 ISX12 G and ISL G Engines Brochure5410591
Encore Xtra Extended Coverage For North American Dealers Brochure - French [Coming Soon]5410622

Parts Warranty

All Engines Less Than 10L Worldwide New Engine Parts Warranty                         Worldwide         3381292

North America Legal Bulletins

B/B6.7/B Gas Plus/BLPG Plus/ISB/ISB6.7 G/B6.7N EnginesUnited States & Canada3381264
B5.9G/B5.9LPG/C8.3G Alternative Fueled Engines  United States & Canada3381326
B/B6.7/ISB Engines For EPA 2017 And NewerUnited States & Canada5410624

Cummins Repower Crate Engines

United States & Canada5410857

ISC/ISL/L9/ISL G/L9N/ISL G Near Zero/C Gas Plus/L Gas Plus 

United States & Canada3381342

ISV/V5.0 Engines

United States & Canada          3381468

International Legal Bulletins

B/ISB/ISB5.9 G/B4.5/B6.7/ISD/B5.9 G/B Gas Plus/B Gas International EnginesInternational3381265
C8.3/C Gas Plus/ISC/ISL/L Gas Plus EnginesInternational3381300
ISB/B4.5/B6.7/ISB5.9 G SeriesAustralia, New Zealand, And The Caribbean3381348
ISC/ISL/ISL G/C Gas Plus SeriesAustralia & New Zealand3381349
ISL/ISC EnginesThe Caribbean3381476
ISB Engines - AutomotiveCommonwealth Of Independent States (CIS)3381458
ISL Engines - AutomotiveCommonwealth Of Independent States (CIS)3381473
Europe Automotive (B3.9/B4.5/B5.9/B6.7/B Gas Plus/B5.9 G/BLPG Plus/B Gas International/ISB/ISB5.9 G/ISB6.7/ISD) EnginesEurope3381444
C8.3/C Gas Plus/ISC/ISL/ISL G EnginesEurope3381447
B/ISB/B4.5/B6.7/B Gas Plus/ISB5.9 G/ISD EnginesKorea3381362
C8.3 Series EnginesKorea3381363
ISC/ISL/L9 Series EnginesKorea3381361
B3.9/B5.9/B Gas Plus/B5.9 G/BLPG Plus/B Gas International/ISB/ISB5.9 G/ISD/C8.3/C Gas Plus/ISC/ISL/ISL G Series EnginesLatin America3381335